Sunday, May 10, 2009

Beige, Brown & Taupe Color Scheme Living Room

Have you always played safe with colors? Here is a cool idea for bringing interest to your neutral living room and this will work with any white, beige, taupe, brown color scheme. Paint the wall in a similar hue as your sofa. Create interest by adding contrasting neutral color drapes and accent pillows on your sofa. In picture above, the decorator has added taupe color drapes and accent pillows in brown, taupe and camel color. This color pallet of White-Taupe-Camel-DeepBrown is fail proof and gives a designer-look to a room. And of course no neutral color scheme is complete without a neutral picture so don't forget to add a picture in black&white :) .

Next Room Design Idea on: Add a punch of color to your neutral Living Room !


  1. My wife and I are going nuts. Our sofa is beige. The wood floor I like, a reddish brown (very red) hard bamboo, is a bit too bold, so bold that Lumber Liquidators can't sell it and my wife (who used to be a home furnishing designer)says NO. I think she's wimping out. Her pick is a light, yellowish tan hard bamboo (the maker calls it Natural)-- and I just can't see enough contrast between the sofa and the floor. I fear she has fallen blindly in love with the flooring. I wish I didn't care as much as I do, as I feel I'm raining on her parade. Could you check We agree that a deep red/brown (Embassy Mahogany) is "safe," but neither of us wants to do safe.


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