Friday, May 8, 2009

Decorate around Beige Sofa, Green Walls

Hi there. Don't you love the living room above!! Me too! I am always looking for decorating tricks for small spaces. And here the decorators have used beige sofa which is even better. As most of us end up getting beige sofas 'coz we like to play safe with colors - so this blog even answers all your questions on "What do I do with my beige sofa ?"

Check out the living room picture above (courtesy HGTV) - the living room is actually quite small no more than 7 x 10. The trick with any small space is to keep the color scheme simple. Paint the walls in nice green [Benjamin Moore: 2145-30] or blue [Benjamin Moore: 2136-60] or yellow[Benjamin Moore: 2022-50] color. Keep the furniture, drapes and pictures in the room in neutral shades (beige, brown, black, white etc) . To spice up the sofas, add nice accent pillows in the hues of the wall color (so green pillows if green walls) and spice up the coffee table with something green, even a book with green cover would do. For pictures stick to black and white - black & white always adds drama and class to any living room. If you are wondering about where to get the pictures from, well I am a huge fan of HomeGoods - or try any home retailer that sells brands at lower prices. For pillows, I generally find my pillows at Pier1.


  1. WOW! It is amazing. I wish my living room looked like THAT!

  2. Great design for a small room.

  3. Very well balanced decor! Thanks for these budget buying tips as well.

  4. i have a neutral colored comforter and chocolate colored bedroom set i don't know what kind of accent to use my walls are light creamy color...

  5. Follow these steps for a perfect bedroom

    1.Pick a color palatte:
    add 2 cool colors to your color scheme
    either blue and cream
    or green and cream

    2. Add Accent color:
    Like decorative pillows and throw in green/blue

    3. Add Interest
    Hang a painting with most of the colors from your color scheme, and bring in unusual art peices in cream color. As cream color would pop up against the chocolate brown furniture.

  6. Really nice advices! Thank you!

    I have a question. My bedroom/office has a dark wood floor, the walls are white with a yellow band near the ceiling, the furniture is a cream-colored wood, oh and it's really small. I was wondering what color scheme for the carpet/curtains should i get...

  7. As its your bedroom and office
    So green would be perfect for walls neither too warm or cool.
    1.Color Palatte:Green-cream-Brown-Beige
    2.Drapes in beige
    Bring in green plants and brown&beige accessories

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  9. The authiir is hring information about when he was new to decorating. Useful information

  10. Still you did a great and superb job. You have got way to go!