Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pink, Grey and White color Scheme

Could you ever imagine liking a pink Living Room? Me neither. But here, in spite of the pink walls, pink drapes and pillows - this room looks fabulous. The trick is to pair it with a masculine color like grey or brown and throw in a little bit of white or ivory. Pink-Grey-White [BenjaminMoore:Pink 2005-50], or Pink-Brown-Ivory is a classic color scheme. This color scheme will look gorgeous in your little girl's bedroom too. No color is bad - it just needs to be paired with the right color accessories.


  1. I have been wanting to create a pink and grey bedroom for ages now, and like this room I want it to have an accent wall with some wallpaper on it, where did you get that wallpaper you are using?

  2. Great combination.Iam about to buy new place and living is gonna be like that.thanks a lot

  3. The room design idea shared here pink room with splash is too good. Have a look at it