Friday, May 29, 2009

Brown Sofa, Blue Walls

Have you ever wished your home looked like a designer space? Really, its not that unattainable. Start with something that you absolutely adore. Use the color palette from that piece as your color inspiration. Like I started with this green-blue chair (in the picture above) with chocolate-brown legs. I am in love with this chair- isn't it adorable and yet it has a classy look. And best of all, its not that pricey either.

Once you find your color palette, you're half way to a room of your dreams. But remember do not get distracted, stick to the color palette and you will not be disappointed. Like here, I got my color palette green-blue-chocolate brown from the gorgeous pier1 chair. Single out the colors for your wall and the furniture from the color palette. Get accent pieces in more than 1 hue from the palette. Here, I've picked blue (Benjamin Moore AF-495) for the walls and chocolate brown for the sofa and the coffee table. I could have just picked all my accent pieces in green but won't that be predictable and lil too matchy matchy. So for accents how about blue-green or brown-blue or green-brown or lightblue-darkblue or whatever combination as long as it has hues from the palette. If you check out the accents in the picture : the pillows are in blue and green, rug is brown-blue, decorative vases are in blue with a hint of green. Did you notice the delightful yoga frogs in gold tone - that's my touch of whimsy !! All spaces need a lil bit whimsy, so don't be scared to add lil personal touches.

Still not sure ? Steal the design idea above. But the million dollar question is where to get the same furnishings, the decorative accents and what paint color to use? so here you go...

Tip: Click on the picture to get a better view
Sofa - Linden Street Cordovan Sofa at
Coffee Table - Black Cocktail table at
Chair - Abacus Chair at
Rug - Mohawk Home Urban Style Abacus Geometric Rug at
Decorative Vases -
Yoga Frogs -
Table Lamp - Polo Wood Table Lamp at
Blue Pillow - Park Avenue Luxury Manhattan Pillow at
Blue,Green Swirl Pillows -
Paint - Benjamin Moore AF-495 (Affinity Collection)

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If you'd like me to use any specific color for the designer bedroom please write to me.

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  1. Amazing design!! Check out the wide range of Modern Sofa from

  2. Nice Combo. My living room has dark brown sectional which I have accented with blue pillows, rugs and Vases. However Im very hesitant about blue walls im not ready to take that bold leap yet. I'd rather go for something neutral. Any suggestions for the walls.I also have dark brown curtains which Im having second thoughts about. Too much brown you think? Any suggestions?


  3. Vet Nice Combo. I love blues and greens. My living room has dark brown microsuede sectional and I accessoreised with blue rugs,pillows and vase. Im just not too sure if i'd paint the walls blue. Too bold for me. I'd like a neutral color so I can easily change to other colors.Do you have any suggestions for the walls? I also have dark brown shiny panels which im having second thoughts about do you thinks its too brown?i'd be very grateful for your input


  4. A Cool light etheral Grey is a perfect backdrop for dark brown curtains and blue accents.. I just went through the same problem dark curtains, light brown sectional shades of blue accents and I had painted my one wall blue and its not good.. Serene grey is the ticket!!

    Trust me-Stacy

  5. I need help. I have a two-toned L-shaped sectional(the seat cushions a medium tannish color, the outer part of the sectional is dark brown, and some of the big back pillows that came with the sectional are dark brown & some are a medium tannish color), I bought a square rug to go with it(it has squares on it that are different sizes with the colors dark brown and medium tan and black, same colors as sectional), then I bought a big dark brown square ottoman to put in front of the sectonal, Basically I don't know exactly what to buy concerning the color of curtains, wall decor and accessories, I'm afraid im already over doing it concerning everything being brownish or square, please help, i'm stuck, what else do I need or what do I need to do to make everything look great

  6. So far your color scheme is brown and tan, you just need to introduce 2 more hues. You can go with either green and cream or orange and cream.
    To introduce these colors, start with
    1. Throw Pillows in green like this
    Replace soe of your existing pillows with green ones
    2. Painting with most of the colors from your color scheme like

    3. Decorative accessories in cream and green
    4. Drapes in Tan (but in darker tone than your sofa)

  7. i wil like ti know how to decorate my open floor livingroom, i have white leather sofas, 2 of my walls are light brown and one white and my carpet floor is beige, but i want to paint one wall with blue or gray so it can pop the white sofas and lets the other walls ligth brown and put a shaggy blue rug under a dark brown coffe table with the sofas with chocalate and blue pillows i would like to know is this ok or some other sugestions, i can make to decorate with brown and blue colors for my living room that is a open floor plan, thanks

  8. The two tone microfiber couch the other person has also lives in our living room! I am a fan of green and appreciate your suggestion of adding cream and gree for the two more hues. But what would you do for a wall color? My husband has vetoed green.

  9. i want to paint my kitchen navy and beige.i have beige counter tops halp

  10. Room design idea brown sofa blue walls. Have a look at it