Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Green Walls with Black and White accent

Striking ! Isn't it. Can you take your eyes off the picture? If you love bright colors, this is the way to go. Let the walls do the talking, build everything around it. I mean, keep everything else in neutral hues i.e stick to whites, beige, black, taupe, browns. To give your room an extra punch, add something in zebra print or for that matter any interesting black&white print. If you have to, and I mean, absolutely have to add another color, add it in small doses. Like the small pink flowers on the side table in the picture.
This is a very common technique the designers use to satisfy their client requests for bright colors. And don't forget to add the black & white pictures to your walls to complete the look. Don't know where to get them ? Try HomeGoods, they've got loads of them in all sizes.

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