Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yellow Walls, Red & White accent - Deck up those walls

Have you ever been in dilemma that you need to get a big picture for a empty wall but do not want to spend the big bucks. Here is a perfect decorating solution - put multiple small picture frames of same size and same frame style. To achieve a designer look, stick to black and white pictures with black clean lined frames. Use your own pictures in black and white to make the art more meaningful and personal.

How to achieve this look: Use black picture frame of size 11x14 or 10x11. Easily available at any local retailer Walmart, Target, Kohls. Take close-up pictures of your family members, your home, interesting art objects at unusual angles in black & white, and frame them. Voila ! you've created your very own master piece.


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  2. Mr Lee. Thanks for the wonderful comments and visiting my blog.

  3. im in love wid ur ideas.u r very creative n good with colors.
    can u plz solve my problem ive just bought a sofa set for my living room,its a chestnut brown leather sofa 3-2-1 seater.
    walls r offwhite n floor tiles r also the same.
    i dont hav any idea what to do next..
    can u plz help me in choosing the right color for curtains,throw pillows n centre rug.

  4. Fatima, Can you send me a picture of your living room with the sofa set at

  5. hi,
    we just bought a new house but decided to keep our old sofa. the sofa is in beige and light brown with leaves design on it.

    Can u plz help me in choosing the right color scheme?
    my email