Monday, May 11, 2009

Neutral Color Scheme, with splash of Orange

What do you think of the orange chair in the living room picture above? Doesn't it make a statement ! Doesn't it have an unforgettable quality about it ? Now remove the orange chair and the pillow in your mind, and you are left with white walls, white sofa, white coffee table. Just by the addition of orange chair and accent pillows this living room transcended from boring to Wow. Sometimes that's all a room needs - a punch of color!

Still afraid of color? Start out in small steps. First, try completely neutral color scheme like the one suggested in the previous blog. Then, experiment by adding couple of accents like a pillow, or a throw in a brighter color like orange or blue or green. By adding a bright color to your neutral color scheme - you're adding an unexpected twist, an interest, surprising depth to your room. Try it, if it doesn't work - remember you can always return ;)
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